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Is my Weight affecting my Wealth - Week one progress

October 20th, 2007 at 08:56 pm

I started my diet and exercise plan this week. Here are the week one results:

I followed an exchange diet. Basically 6 carbs, 6 proteins, 2 milk, 2 fruit.

My exercise routine is three days cardio, three days weight lifting.

Sun - no exercise/relaxed diet
Monday - 30 min run/walk
Tue - Upper body workout
Wed - 30 min stairmaster
Thur - Lower body workout
Fri - 30 min run/walk
Sat - Upper body workout.

My numbers this week:
Wt 230 - Loss 5
Bodyfat - 26% - down 2%

Money Savings -
Sun - Spend no money on eating out - $35.00 savings.

M-F - Ate breakfast at home. Replaced afternoon diet drink with water - savings $5.25 day.

Saturday - ate breakfast and lunch at home - save $18.00. Bought dinner spent $58.00 (wifes birthday) - $23.00 more than typical Saturday dinner out. spent $5.00 more than normal.

Total amount spent weekly on food before the diet $250.00

Total spend this week - $178.75
Total Savings this week - $56.25

Goals for next week:
Maintain diet and exercise routine
Lose - 4 pounds
Spend $150 on food ($43.75 less than last week)

Is my Weight affecting my Wealth?

October 19th, 2007 at 08:29 pm

Over the past year I have had a rather uncomfortable weight gain. I have also noticed that I am having trouble sleeping and concentrating on my work. To remedy this, I have decided to start a diet and exercise program beginning Monday, Oct 15th with the goal of losing forty-five pounds. After all, if I achieve my goal of financial freedom, I want to be healthy enough to travel and participate in outdoor activities. I currently weigh 235 and would like to weigh 190. I am going to post my progress on Saturdays.

Since I am writing about financial matters, I decided to see if this weight loss will have any impact on my wealth. Last week I kept track of how much I am spending daily on unhealthy things. By the end of the week I am embarrassed to let you know how much money I waste. I am spending an average of $17 dollars a day M-F on breakfast, lunch, junk food and soft drinks, plus we buy dinner at least twice spending $25-$35 each time. On weekends I spend $50-$60 dollars eating out and buying junk food. On average I am spending $250 a week or $1000 a month (yikes). I am planning to cut this down a least by half if not more and place the difference in my savings account.

Here are my starting numbers on Oct 6th 2007

Starting Weight 235
Waist 40
Body Fat 28%
I will start posting pictures when I am no longer embarrassed.