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Rough Week for Savings - Lessons I Learned

October 19th, 2007 at 08:34 pm

Several major expenditures hit me this week and I learned a lesson from each:

1. My car needed a brake job. I had been putting this off. In doing so, I caused additional damage that needed to be repaired. This added an additional $150 to the repair.

Lesson: Do not put off car maintaniance.

2. My wifes car died when she was picking me up from the mechanic. Needed new battery and new tires. Unexpected $800

Lesson: Pay attention to the condition of all your automobiles, not just the one you drive.

3. Found balance on wifes credit card of $1400. Paid it off

Lesson: If you and your spouse maintain separate accounts. Keep each other informed. Talk openly about financial matters.

4. Home Loan Closing. $5800 expected expense. Upon closer inspection of the documentation, I found several fees that I could have negotiated lower.

Lesson: Read you loan agreements closely. Do not be afraid to ask for discounts.

Unexpected expenses - $2350
Expected expenses - $5800
Total this week - $8150

Lesson: Always have an emergency fund. I was able to handle all these expenses without going into debt.

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